Adaptive Technology

Jeff Ball

Adaptive Technologist

Each student typically receives one-on-one attention from the Computer Instructor.  Adaptive Technology software is available to meet the needs of consumers who are either visually impaired, legally blind, or totally blind.  For those with functional vision, a screen magnifier program is used.  For those unable to benefit from the magnification software a screen reading program provides the auditory assistance.  Typically, the student will attend one 60-minute session per week.

iOS training has also been integrated into Adaptive technology instruction. Students must provide their own device.

Adaptive technology promotes greater effectiveness for persons with vision loss by enabling them to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing.

Adaptive technology provides methods of interacting with technology.

This program provides “adaptive” technologies to complete everyday tasks to consumers who are visually impaired or blind.  Text readers, special computer software and hardware,  and electronic video magnifiers are commonly used.  Instructional computer classes are offered to those willing to learn.


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