Linda Worthy

Recreation Coordinator

Social interaction is a key element to personal growth, both physical and emotional.  With activities such as bowling, picnics, dances, parties, bingo, plays, concerts, YMCA, and crafts, CWAB® consumers can learn new skills, make new friends, increase physical activity, gain a higher self-esteem, and enjoy themselves.  At CWAB®, the recreation program is designed to assure that an individual with a vision impairment can enjoy a full and active lifestyle.

A recreation program designed to provide children who are blind and visually impaired  of Cabell and Wayne Counties, and their families, various recreational activities and special events.  Some of the activities they participate in are summer day camp,  shows and concerts, horseback riding, swimming, pizza parties, roller skating, movies, goalball, an annual talent show, Halloween parties, and Easter parties with a beeping Easter egg hunt.

Meets once a month.

Discussions of ideas, problems, and solutions to meet the needs of their children are addressed.


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