Toni Walls

Executive Director

Danielle High

Office Manager

Pam Cabell

Consumer Advocate

Fund raising, personnel, and budgetary duties are all components of the agency. The administration of CWAB® interacts and implements every program of the Services Division in addition to conducting intakes for potential consumers, overseeing the eyeglass, taxi ticket, tracking volunteer hours, and sending outgoing correspondence.

Notary service is available to consumers of Cabell-Wayne Association of the Blind Services Division.

Our Mission & Vision


Cabell-Wayne Association of the Blind is committed to
promoting and advocating the economic, educational, and
social welfare of the blind and visually impaired of all ages
so that they can maintain a lifestyle comparable to other
members of society.


CWAB® will be seen nationally as a model for organizations
and agencies that help blind and visually impaired persons
achieve maximum independence. CWAB® will be known for
timely and appropriate state-of-the-art responses to the
changing needs of consumers throughout the tri-state area
and beyond.


support us and help someone in need today!

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